Jamie Daniels, 2010

MA Education with Library Media

“I am convinced that the training and resources offered in the AUS courses had a direct effect on my employment offer. To receive a full-time position as a librarian, without having finished all of the courses to receive an endorsement, shows the confidence that the district has in the courses that I have been taking at Antioch.”

Jamie Daniels received a job offer from the Bethel School District even before she completed her coursework. This reputation for excellence is built on both the program’s academic rigor and its advocacy of school libraries as a basic element of education. On March 17, 2011, Daniels gave testimony before the Washington State House Education Committee to advocate for passage of SSB 5392, which provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills essential to know and apply the core concepts and principles of technology.

The combination of modern skills-training and advocacy gives AUS graduates access to a supportive professional network. Daniels describes this as possibly being, “the most beneficial aspect of attending courses there. To begin with, all of my professors were incredibly connected with library media organizations in Washington State. With two professors having served as former presidents of WLMA, and another being the current president, I felt confident that the information I was receiving was accurate and successful.
“Furthermore, the ability to receive personal phone numbers, emails, and Google chat names with my professors just isn’t something you receive at a university. Two of my professors were on my list of references, and they were both called by my current school. After speaking with my references, the principal stated that he knew I was going to be supported by AUS and my professors for years to come.