Bob Hasegawa, 2003

B.A. Liberal Studies

Bob Hasegawa was a union organizer and community activist prior to coming to Antioch. He wanted to build on those experiences in the B.A. program, so he crafted two areas of concentration, one in labor relations and another in organizational and social change.

His goal is to help nonprofits advocate for change. “I want to work with social justice-oriented nonprofits to help them address the growing demands on them by our so-called kinder/gentler society,” Hasegawa said, adding, “They can do this work through direct services, but more importantly through work toward social change.”

He described his studies at Antioch as a great liberal arts education. “My experience at Antioch surprised me by pushing me beyond my areas of concentration and stretching me in directions I’d never thought of going,” he said.

Today, he’s known as Eleventh District Democratic Representative Bob Hasegawa in the state legislature. Learn more about his work at