A transcript is a legal document protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the student records policy. You must request your transcript in writing and include your signature. Request forms are accepted by fax, scan and email, or via a student’s Antioch e-mail (accepted as an electronic signature).

There are two types of transcripts. Please review the information below for instructions on ordering either a degree credit transcript or a continuing education transcript.  In some cases, you may need both degree and CE transcripts.  Please indicate that you are requesting both on the degree credit transcript form.

1. Degree Credit Transcripts

Antioch issues only official transcripts. If you are or were enrolled in a degree program, the steps for ordering a copy of your transcript(s) are below.

  1. Send a written request or a Transcript Request Form to the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Provide your name, social security number, academic program, approximate date of graduation or withdrawal, and your home address and phone number. Also please specify the number of transcripts you want and where you want them sent (e.g., to a school, place of employment or to yourself).
  3. Sign and date the request.
  4. Identify whether Antioch should include narrative evaluations for any or all classes. Antioch will send copies only if you specifically request it and provide the address to which you want the evaluations sent.
  5. If you require transcripts that reflect completion of current coursework or degree conferred at the end of the current term, please check hold for current term’s credits and/or hold for graduation to reflect degree conferred.

This service is free unless you ask for more than five transcripts at once. Each transcript beyond five costs $5. Processing may take up to two weeks.

2. Continuing Education (CE) Transcripts

Pleas submit a Continuing Education Transcript Request Form to the Registrar’s office for continuing education credits. Transcripts reflecting clock hours can be ordered through the Heritage Institute by calling 360-321-3020.