2015-16 Tuition and Fees

BA Degree Completion Tuition Costs

The tuition cost to complete your bachelor’s degree at Antioch University Seattle varies based on a number of factors including your area of concentration, credit you may receive for prior life and work experiences, and the credits that you would transfer in.

Our cost per credit is $600 and full-time students typically enroll in 12 credits per quarter. Our students typically earn 10-25 credits for life experience/prior learning, up to a maximum of 45 and transfer in between 45-120 credits. It takes 180 credits total to graduate.

We offer a range of scholarships and grants that can help you fund your education. Our commitment is to work with you to create a plan that works for you and your life. Just give us a call 206-268-4010 or send an email financialaid.aus@antioch.edu – we’ll show you how!

Graduate Degree Tuition Costs

Program Name Cost per Credit Full-Time Credits per Quarter Full-Time Tuition and fees per Quarter* Total Program Credits Total Tuition
MA in Teaching $630 12 $7,705 56 $35,280
MA in Education $630 8 $5,185 48 $30,240
MA in Counseling- Clinical Mental Health Counseling $702 6 $4,357 90 $63,180
MA in Marriage and Family Therapy $702 6 $4,357 75 $52,650
MA in Psychology – Art Therapy (CMHC or MFT) $702 6 $4,357 93 $65,286
MA in Psychology – Drama Therapy (CMHC or MFT) $702 6 $4,357 90 $63,180
MS Management and Leadership $500 10 $5,145 60 $30,000
MA in Environment and Community $702 10 $7,165 66 $46,332
MA in Organizational Development $702 10 $7,165 66 $46,332
MA Programs in Leadership and Change Graduate Certificates $702 6 $4,357 18-22 $12,636-$15,444
Doctor of Psychology $830 12 $10,105 140 $116,200

*Quarterly Student Service and Technology fees included in the calculation.  See below for more information on each fee.

**This information is provided as an estimate of total tuition, at 2015-16 tuition rates, for each program based on the total number of required credits to complete the degree, and does not include the required Student Services and Technology fees described below.

Visiting Students

Tuition for visiting students is charged at the same rate as for degree-seeking (matriculated) students.

To enroll in a class prior to applying for admission to a program, you may register as a visiting student. Contact the Admissions Office for details at 206-268-4202 or toll-free 888-268-4477.

Student Services and Technology Fees

In addition to tuition, matriculated students are required to pay the following fees each quarter when registered for credit. These fees are non-refundable after the full refund period.

Student Services Fee

The Student Services Fee supports several academic and student services, including career workshops and services, personal counseling offered through the Community Counseling and Psychology Clinic, the Student Life Office, transcripts and graduation, as well as writing tutors and other academic support services offered through the Academic Support Lab.

Students enrolled part-time
Undergraduate students: 1 to 5 credits
Graduate students: 1 to 2 credits
Students enrolled greater than part-time
Undergraduate students: 6 or more credits
Graduate students: 3 or more credits

Technology Fee

This fee provides increased technical staff support as well as a half-time faculty-at-large position for academic technology.

Technology Fee $30

Antioch University Seattle reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time without prior notice.

Miscellaneous Fees

Other fees and deposits may be charged as-needed and are described in the university catalog and online Critical Dates, Policies & Procedures. Fees are not refundable except as noted.

Application Fee (online/paper) $25/$50
Application Fee (readmission) $25
Enrollment Deposit-BA $50
Enrollment Deposit-MA, Certificate, Endorsements $100
Enrollment Deposit-PsyD $300
Art Studio (quarterly/drop-in) $75/$5
Audit Fee (per course) $400*
Bikeroom Key Deposit (refundable) $25
Course/Material Fees  vary**
Diploma Replacement $35
Enrollment Maintenance Fee $500
Internship Fee – PsyD (quarterly) $200
PsyD Dissertation Continuation Fee $1000
Late Payment Fee $60
Late Registration Fee $75/150
Liability Insurance Fee (quarterly while in internship) $20
Student Parking Permit (quarterly) $30
Payment Plan Fee (quarterly) $35
Registration Reinstatement $200
Retreat Fee $200-300***
Returned Check Fee $30



















*Audit fees are waived for students enrolled at least half-time, Antioch University Seattle graduates, degree committee members and Antioch University Seattle employees. Two audit fee waivers are permitted each term. Course and materials fees are not waived.

**Course and material fees are noted in class descriptions on myAntioch and are non-refundable after the 100% tuition refund period.

***Retreat fee varies depending on facility used and single or shared room preference.