Your family income and size, the number of people in your family attending college, and your cost to attend Antioch are factors that determine your financial need.

It Starts with the FAFSA

Antioch University Seattle uses formulas established by the federal government to determine need. The Financial Aid Office does this with the information you provide on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The calculation is based on income and resources from your federal tax form. This determines what you (and your parents, if you are a dependent) are eligible for in assistance and are considered able to contribute toward your educational expenses.

Estimate Your Contribution

To estimate how much you will be expected to contribute toward your educational expenses for one year, use this online calculator. Your expected contribution at Antioch University Seattle may vary somewhat from the figures due to university policies.

You may qualify for adjustments to the financial information you submitted with the FAFSA if you believe the calculated contribution unrealistically represents your current financial situation. Antioch University Seattle may consider your projected income if the financial aid staff determines it more accurately represents your ability to contribute to the cost of attending school.

The Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance for tuition, books, and a cost-of-living allowance is included in the calculation of financial need. While financial aid is intended to support only your school expenses, an allowance for indirect costs such as housing, food, personal expenses, and transportation is part of this cost-of-attendance budget.

The difference between the cost-of-attendance budget and your student contribution is what is called your financial need.