Mark Hower

Core Faculty
BA Degree Completion - Liberal Studies, Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change


BA, Whitman College
MS, Antioch University Seattle
PhD, Antioch University

Relevant Experience

Mark Hower is a core faculty member with the Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change (GLC).  He teaches several of the core GLC courses, including Transformative Leadership, Global Pluralism, Systemic Thinking and the Methods of Sustainable Change Series.  In addition to a faculty role, Hower has held a number of administrative positions in Antioch University Seattle. Hower served as the interim President for the Seattle campus for a year, and for three years prior to that, was the Special Assistant to the President.  During much of the three years, he also taught part time in the Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change. Hower joined the Graduate Management and Leadership faculty in 2000 and he served as chair and program director. Hower was a founding member of the Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change, and helped develop its integrated graduate curriculum, co-teaching structure, and cohort learning model.

Hower brings considerable international experience to his work. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone West Africa, Hower directed a U.N. sponsored water-wells construction program. He later held several Peace Corps staff positions. Hower was the stateside coordinator for Peace Corps’ new programs in the Ukraine, Baltic States and Russia. Later, he was the Country Director of the Peace Corps program in the Kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific.

Hower completed his doctoral work in Antioch University’s Leadership and Change Program. His dissertation explored the nature of faculty collaboration. His work in the Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change has often involved collaborative projects and teaching assignments. In one such collaboration Hower is co-founder, with Barbara Spraker, of the Global Issues and Perspectives speakers series, hosted monthly by the Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change.

Professional Interests

  • Collaborative leadership
  • Transformative learning
  • Systems change and sustainability
  • Systemic thinking
  • Values-based strategy and purposeful action
  • Group process
  • Issues of diversity and inclusion
  • Cross cultural communication and understanding
  • Participatory action research
  • Civic engagement and service learning
  • Reflective practice and personal mastery
  • Social construction of meaning
  • Teams-based learning


Hower, M. and Hormann, S. (Nov. 2006), “Redesign for Creative Change.” in J. Wergin (ed.), Leadership in Place, Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing.


On Teaching at Antioch

“What strikes me about this institution is that each student is assumed to bring important knowledge and experience into the classroom. Students are not seen as an “empty vessel,” to be filled up with the wisdom of faculty experts. Your previous experiences and evolving ideas are an integral part of the learning process – your own learning and that of your peers. I can be confident that in every class, each conversation with students, I will gain some new idea or deeper insight.”