The Center for Creative Change (C3) offers graduate degrees and certificates
in five areas:

C3 connects students, scholars, and experienced practitioners so that they can better understand and act within the dynamic, interdependent relationships that we have with one another and the places we inhabit.

Each of the Center’s programs is built from a distinctive interdisciplinary format of a common core curriculum. Students and faculty collaborate across traditional program boundaries in their research, coursework, and community projects. The result is a rich learning community, in which students develop specialized skills and a broader, more insightful vision.

These questions lie at the heart of the Center’s programs. How do we:

  • bring about change in ways that reflect our values, hopes, and aspirations
  • engage with new ways of thinking about work and life
  • build sustainable, resilient, and just communities
  • nurture innovative, ethical organizations that serve their interests and the common good
  • collaborate to solve tough social issues
  • restore our relationship with the environment and navigate its connections to public policy and politics
  • honor diverse perspectives, traditions, and ways of knowing

Read more about our programs. Come to an open house or visit a class. We look forward to meeting you!