Every Day is Earth Day at Antioch University Seattle


“Our programs promote learning as social engagement both individually and in groups and foster growth by learning with others, from others, and on behalf of others and the planet.”

– Dr. Peter Rojcewicz, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty


At Antioch University Seattle (AUS) our faculty and students live the university’s mission every day, not just on April 22nd. We believe that strong, healthy, and natural environments emerge only in relationship with strong, healthy communities of people and vice versa. For AUS, sustainability means caring for the places we inhabit with the people who share them. It means having the courage to do better and the willingness to do good.


raingardenSeattle Rain Garden Project Will Keep Over 100,000 Gallons of Pollution Out of Salmon Bay and Puget Sound

AUS alumna and faculty member Cari Simson (Whole Systems Design ’05) learned about the destructive impact of rainwater runoff while at Antioch University Seattle. She now leads the East Ballard Greenstreet project which, by creating roadside gardens, will keep over 100,000 gallons of sewage a year out of Salmon Bay and Puget Sound! This project also beautifies streets and increases fauna. The East Ballard Greenstreet project is funded through a generous grant from The Russell Family Foundation. In partnership with the City of Seattle, King County, community organizations, and businesses, Cari has successfully built several roadside rain garden projects in the Georgetown and South Park neighborhoods.

Students from the Environmental Studies concentration in the BA in Liberal Studies Degree Completion Program and from the MA in Environment and Community program are also involved in this project. Learn more.

This Just In!
East Ballard Greenstreets project leader, Cari Simson (AUS Whole Systems Design ’05), was declared the winner of the 2013 King County Green Globe Award as the Leader in Green Stormwater Infrastructure Award at an early morning ceremony on Earth Day, Monday April 22nd. Congratulations Cari!

Earth-Day-flier.F1Celebrating Puget Sound Earth Day Event at AUS

The Seattle community will be able to learn more about the East Ballard Greenstreet project and others at an upcoming Earth Day event, “Celebrating Puget Sound: Strategies for Clean Water” on the AUS campus, April 22 from 4 – 9 p.m. The event features keynote speaker: Tracy Rector, AUS alumna and director of the upcoming feature film, Clearwater: Written in the Hearts of our People. A very important story about the health and future of our Puget Sound, Clearwater will present a multi-faceted, balanced story about life on the water and the challenges that we all face in preserving it.  RSVP here to Celebrate Puget Sound on April 22nd



Antioch University Seattle Weaves Environmental Sustainability Throughout Degree Programs

As a student at Antioch University Seattle, you have an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in sustainability and environmental issues regardless of what degree you are pursuing. A hallmark of the Seattle campus, our curricular commitment to the Earth leads the way, whether you are completing your BA or pursuing a master’s in psychology, education, or environment and community.


BA Degree Completion Programs Give You the Environmental Edge

Antioch University Seattle’s BA Degree Completion Program allows you to build a balanced, powerful, and personalized education in a learning community that promotes academic excellence, experiential learning, and social justice. AUS offers small classes, flexible schedules, no SAT requirements, credit for prior life experience, and the option to create an individualized course of our study. Our BA degree completion programs are designed to support your professional, academic, and personal goals.

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts with Sustainable Business Concentration emphasizes an ethic of social responsibility driving business decisions and functions, along with concern for environmental sustainability, and financial success in an interdependent and just global economy. The Bachelor of Liberal Arts with Environmental Studies Concentrationcombines science, policy, social justice issues, psychology, spirituality, leadership, and outdoor skills with a deep appreciation and awareness of the natural world in order to prepare you for work in the environmental field.


Learn more about our BA Degree Completion programs in an upcoming Sample Class!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 6 – 7 p.m.

Landslides, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes: 20,000 Years of Environmental Change and Cultural Adaptation on the Seattle Waterfront

Faculty member Cindy Updegrave will give a brief introduction to the last 20,000 years of Seattle’s often radical environmental change and the long-term cultural adaptation to it. She will lead a discussion about the ways this knowledge can be used to inform our engagement with a variety of current social change issues.

Please RSVP for the Change and Cultural Adaptation sample class by Monday, April 22.


KDavies-bookcoverFirst Comprehensive Study of Environmental Health Movement Published by AUS Faculty Member Kate Davies

“This is the definitive guide to the story of one of the most important movements of our century.”

— Carolyn Raffensperger, executive director of the Science and Environmental Health Network

This Earth Day will see the publication of the first book to offer a comprehensive examination of the U.S. environmental health movement, The Rise of the U.S. Environmental Health Movement written by AUS faculty member Kate Davies and published by Rowman & Littlefield.

In this pivotal text, environmental health expert Kate Davies describes the movement’s historical, ideological, and cultural roots and analyzes its organizations, strategies, and successes. With roots in the protests following 1978 toxic disaster at Love Canal, New York, the powerful and effective movement has spread by placing human health at the center resulting in many victories in community mobilization and legislative reform.

Kate Davies has been active on environmental health issues for 35 years in the United States and Canada and is a core faculty member teaching in the MA in Environment and Community Program.

Book Website and Video Trailer: www.environmentalhealthmovement.org

Learn More about our MA in Environment and Community

Not sure about an MA and want to learn more? Consider our 9-12 month Graduate Certificates in Ecological Planning, Design and Sustainable Food Systems, and Permaculture Design


The Rise of the U.S. Environmental Health Movement Seattle Book Launch Event

Monday April 22, 2013, 7 – 9 p.m.
iLEAP, Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave #400, Seattle, WA 98103

AUS faculty member and author Kate Davies will speak about her new book, The Rise of the U.S. Environmental Health Movement. Copies of the book will be available for sale.

Co-sponsored by: the MA Programs in Leadership and Change at Antioch University Seattle, the Collaborative on Health and the Environment Washington, iLEAP, Newground Social Investment, Physicians for Social Responsibility  WA, Resource Media,  Sierra Club Washington State Chapter, Sustainable Path Foundation, Toxipedia/INND, Washington Environmental Council, Washington State Nurses Association, Washington Toxics Coalition, the Whidbey Institute and Zero Waste Washington.


ecopsychology1Ecopsychology: Protecting the Earth Protects Mental Health

“An Ecopsychology education allows for growth in many areas: not only intellectual and academic, but emotional and spiritual as well. The Antioch Ecopsychology program has allowed me to pursue my deepest personal interests while maintaining a thorough grounding in established psychology. I am currently preparing for a voyage to Armenia to investigate local patterns of human-nature interaction, confident that the Antioch faculty have prepared me for my studies ahead.” – Jon Stevens, Current Ecopsychology Student

A report released in 2012 by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States: And Why the U.S. Mental Health Care System is Not Adequately Prepared, described the alarming increase in mental health trauma due to weather related disasters, and predicted even higher rates of depressive and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, suicides, and widespread outbreaks of violence. Antioch University Seattle’s Ecopsychology program, a nonclinical curriculum, offers an opportunity for you to participate in one of the greatest challenges of our time—reconnecting people to the earth and leading change in your community.

Check out the blog created by students in Lisa Lynch’s Psychology of Climate Change class.

Learn more about Ecopsychology at AUS.


ESE graphicTeach More with an Environmental and Sustainability Endorsement

Teachers and prospective teachers committed to leading sustainable change in the classroom and in their community have an opportunity to gain an Environmental & Sustainability Endorsement (ESE) while learning at Antioch University Seattle. AUS ESE students weave learning in ecological science with examining how cultural, political, and economic activity over time has influenced human regard for the natural world and shaped our treatment of the environment.

Approved by the Professional Educators Standards Board (PESB) in 2009, the ESE consists of three main categories (Content, Instructional Methodology, and Professional Competencies). The Antioch University Seattle ESE endorsement meets the requirements of Washington State.

Learn more about Antioch University Seattle’s flexible and meaningful Environmental and Sustainability Endorsement



Hult Prize TeamAUS Students Finalists in $1,000,000 Competition to Solve Food Security Problems

“Solving problems that affect people locally or on a global scale is where Antioch University students excel.” –  Dr. Cassandra Manuelito-Kerkvliet

Antioch University Seattle (AUS) and The Hult Prize recently announced that AUS’s student team has advanced to the regional finals of the 4th Annual Hult Prize Challenge, themed around the Global Food Crisis. The prize for this challenge is worth $1 million in start-up funding to launch a sustainable social venture.  In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the Hult Prize identifies and launches disruptive and catalytic social ventures that aim to solve the planet’s most pressing challenges. Learn more.

Help AUS Students Win the $1M Hult Prize for Full Bowl Project to Solve Global Hunger!
Just “like” the Hult Prize page and then go to the video page to vote for the Full Bowl Project!



All working at table

AUS Alumni Create Non-profit that Turns Blemished Fruit into Healthy Snacks for Food Banks

“This was an opportunity to intervene in a system where there is a lot of waste and really attempt to make a difference and feed kids,” says Aaron. “Most food banks only distribute twice a week. Much produce goes bad in the time between distribution days. We saw that if we took the food immediately from our sources and dehydrated it, we would be able to extend its life, creating a net increase of food available.”

John and Aaron have been bringing to life an idea conceived in Antioch University Seattle Professor Dee Edelman’s class. It turns out that groceries, farmer’s markets, and even food banks discard millions of tons of good food each year. At the same time, approximately 16 million American children live with food insecurity. Through their experiences at AUS, they gained the tools needed to take action and persevere in the face of uncertainty. “To move to something that isn’t certain is tough,” says Aaron. “In the beginning it was very much a battle to stick with it every day, to keep going forward not knowing what was going to happen, but what I learned in class, particular from Jean Singer and Dee Edelman, coalesced, allowing me to be creative. It was the platform that helped me to take this project on.” And from that coalescence, Pro Use Produce (PUP) was born. Learn more.



For the Third Time, AUS Places in the Top Ten for National RecycleMania Competition!

Antioch University Seattle continues to hold its place in the Top 10 of this national competition! RecycleMania is a friendly competition for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. Antioch University Seattle continues to lead in a field of large colleges and universities in this fun competition. Over an eight-week period each spring, colleges across the United States and Canada report the amount of recycling and trash collected each week and are ranked in various categories based on the amount of recycling and trash collected each week. Our campus leads by separating out recyclable and compostable matter from trash and learns from educational programming about the steps each of us can take to lower our impact. We are proud of our tiny carbon footprints!