At Antioch University Seattle, students are valued as potential differences in the world. We approach education through ways people actually learn about the world. Growth and performance of students is measured through narrative assessments that illuminate the learner’s understanding not only of what is learned, but how, and under what conditions. We celebrate the wisdom of the head and the heart that are essential to wholeness.

Our programs engage learners in a discipline’s essential literature, action-research, and reflective practice. As classroom activities and knowledge add breadth and depth to personal awareness, you will appreciate how self-knowledge precedes and accompanies all learning. At AUS you will learn how to learn through traditional academic venues and practices but also through experiential hands-on activities and direct-practice realization. Faculty can help sharpen your individual learning style as valuable alternative paths to problem solving, decision-making, and design of sustainable solutions to community and environmental issues.

Your intellectual adventure can take numerous forms. Complete an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Liberal Studies by designing your curriculum, or follow the path of one of ten BA degree concentrations. Our Master’s in Teaching program fully prepares you to teach in just 15 months and the MA in Education benefits experienced educators and those who wish to teach adults. Our Master of Arts degree programs in the Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change aimed to shift or enhance your present work, whether it is through organizational development, environment, or systems design. We offer Master of Arts degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Master’s in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling with specializations in Art Therapy and Drama Therapy. Students in our Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD) program study, research, and learn in areas of keen interest working closely with esteemed professionals. Our clinical Master’s and Doctoral students receive on-site training in our campus Psychology and Community Mental Health Clinic.

If you desire a progressive, student-centered education, we invite you to contact the Office of Admissions or attend an Information Session to learn more.