Our students are on the right path to transform their lives, but the cost of this journey can be out of reach for some. That is why AUS is delighted to offer scholarships to students who have financial need. We are grateful for the alumni, faculty, staff and friends of AUS who have made scholarships available this year. If you would like to contribute to our scholarship funds, click here to make your tax deductible gift.

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Julia Akoury-Thiel
Couple & Family Therapy, 2015
Psychology Memorial Scholarship

My decision to return to school is equal parts excitement and apprehension. I am excited to see the stars align to pursue a career I've long desired, but apprehensive about going into debt with student loans as an older adult. Any help that does not include an unsubsidized loan is a godsend!
Jacqueline Kosak
Art Therapy, 2015
Presidential Scholarship

I feel the deepest gratitude toward the alumni, faculty, staff, administration and other friends of Antioch that have contributed to this scholarship. I am humbled by their generosity, and only hope I can do each of them proud with my unique contributions as I embark upon my academic journey. Untold possibilities are before me at the moment, but I look forward to balancing quiet contemplation and time spent with my raucous, vibrant, resilient AUS community.
Sarah Malchodi
Drama Therapy, 2015
Expressive Arts Scholarship

The scholarship not only provides me with financial aid to study, it also shows that there are many people at Antioch who believe in me as well, and who support my goals as much as I do. I am very impressed by how encouraging and supportive everyone is of each other at AUS.
Rian Robertson
BA, 2014
Coretta Scott King Diversity Scholarship

Enrolling at Antioch has marked a great turning point in my life, and receiving a scholarship is further encouragement that I am on the right path. This is a place where free expression of thought and ideas are welcomed without hesitation. It is the type of education I wish I had from the beginning. Each of my instructors bring a unique perspective, are actively supportive of my individual interests, and are indulgent of my insatiable curiosity!
Joseph Tesoroni
ED MAEd TP, 2014
National Service Scholarship

I was drawn to AUS by the small and enthusiastic community, the social justice focus, and the discussion-based approach to classes. I have been impressed by the content of the classroom conversations because we deal with material that is too often avoided in any other setting. These discussions provide me with new perspectives and encourage me to delve deeper into research and reflection which will better prepare me to become a middle school math teacher in an urban setting.