Here are some news and events shared by alumni. If you have an update of your own to share, please fill out our Alumni Update Form.

Updates (July 2015)

Paul Street: BA in Liberal Studies, 2011

Paul Street just completed (as of April, 2015) a Masters degree in Accounting from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Updates (June 2015)

Kristeanna Devenuti: BA in Education, 2005

Kristeanna Devenuti is now an assistant principle within the Tacoma Public School system.

Heather Mahardy: MA in Education, 2008

Heather Mahardy, M.Ed. (’08), is completing her Ph.D. in Leadership and Change at Antioch University and is the Founding President of Enhance Worldwide, a nonprofit operating in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Enhance Worldwide envisions communities where girls and women have the skills to lead meaningful, dignified lives and where each individual has agency, autonomy, and aspirations. Enhance Worldwide is a member organization of Girls Not Brides, a global partnership of over 450 agencies committed to ending child marriage.

Since launching operations in Ethiopia this January, Enhance Worldwide’s programs — Kinship Care, Rising Autonomy, and Pathways project — have directly benefited over 150 children and young adults. Visit for additional information.

Updates (April 2015)

Floreda Mary: BA in Education, 1997

Floreda Mary, Antioch Alumni, class of 97, has patented/invented what is called “Auntie Rufie’s Cup Cap” an item that can be used to help prevent unwanted drink tampering (date rape drugs). Although not officially hitting markets until this Summer, local test markets are excited and appreciative for the product.

For more information feel free to contact Floreda at

Sunny Monroe: MA in Communications, 2012

Sunny recently started her own freelance biz as a marketing/branding/content strategist.

Sunny states, “Please check out my website at I’d love to work with Antioch grads, social entrepreneurs, and small-mid-sized business. I’d also love feedback on my site, referrals, or just invites for coffee. Happy spring!”

Updates (March 2015)

Randie A. Clark: MA in Psychology, 2002

Randie has just returned to Seattle after having lived and worked on Salt Spring Island in Canada for the last decade.
Just getting my practice started up, working with Simon Connor and Associates. Please feel free to contact Randie with questions about his clinical approach, services and referrals.

Randie states, “It is wonderful to be back in Seattle, near family, including my precious 22 month old grandson, friends and colleagues.”

Updates (February 2015)

Patricia C. Paul: BA in Liberal Arts, 1993

Attorney Patricia Paul is pleased to announce she is co-coordinating a Symposium at the 55th International Congress of the Americanists which will be held in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America July 12 to 17, 2015. The theme of the Congress is “Conflict, peace and construction of identities in the Americas”. Ms. Paul’s third collaboration with Brazilian anthropologist, Adolfo Neves de Oliveira, Jr, a professor at the Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Ilheus, Brasil. Their symposium is titled: Languages of Autonomy: New Ways of Dealing with Conflict and Building Peace in Indigenous Americas. Ms. Paul is presenting a paper in the symposium titled: Salmon Wars, Post-Treaty Era in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Ms. Paul, a member of the Washington State Bar Association maintains a practice of legal scholarship and lectures across the globe.

The International Congress of Americanists have been held since 1875, first in Nancy, France and today is held every three years, once in America and the following in Europe. Ms. Paul co-coordinated symposiums and presented papers in Santiago, Chile in 2003 and in Vienna, Austria in 2012. For reference:

Heyward S. Watson: MSM in Business Management, 2000

Heyward is perusing a career dedicated to helping nonprofits organizations to improve delivery of their mission through creating a culture of leadership continuity. Heyward is a Senior Advisor for Third Sector Company (

Laurie Dawson: MA in Psychology, 1989

Expert in PTSD and the treatment of near death experience recovery. Additional experience in helping individuals return to normalcy yet embracing their amazing survival skills. As someone who survived a near death boating accident in the Alaskan wilderness, Laurie knows exactly what this entails and what it takes to do so.

Peter J. Hopwood: MA in Psychology, 2010

Peter has recently started working with Carrier Sekani Family Services. This Agency provides counselling services for individuals, children and families living in Central BC and who identify as belonging to the Carrier and Sekani First Nations. There are 11 Nations that are covered under the Carrier Sekani umbrella. His job is to provide psychotherapy services to children and their families.

Amanda “Mandy” Traut: MA in Psychology, 2006

Mandy Traut moved to San Jose, CA with her husband. Through several synchronous events, Mandy closed her practice – New Connections Counseling, within a couple of months of learning that her husband received a Google position – prompting them to relocate to California. During this life transition, Mandy has chosen to explore other career paths, including placing a greater focus on her free-lance writing and blogging. (

Linda G. Shepard Salzer: MA in Environment & Community, 2004

Linda recently translated the documentary “You Put What in my Mouth?” for Spanish subtitles.

Updates (January 2015)

Darcy Cronin: MA in Environment & Community, 2005

Darcy is now a Certified Mama Bliss Life Coach, managing her family beach cabin rentals (Olivia Beach Camp Cabins), and she is also blogging at Sustainable Family Finances. Life with three kids and three part-time jobs is busy, but very rewarding.

Sheila Simpson-Creps: MA in Counseling and Art Therapy, 2010

Shelia has recently opened a private practice office in Anacortes, Washington. She is an art therapist/licensed mental health counselor specializing in Grief and Loss, Trauma Recovery, Attachment Enhancement (a short-term 12-week process with one parent and child aged 3-6), and Stress Reduction.

Margery Edwards: MA in Psychology, 1990

After teaching for 27 years in a K-8 Alternative School (called Alternative School #1, then Pinehurst K-8, now Lichton Springs), Margery retired in 2005 to raise her grandson. The year prior to that, she signed up as an Independent Associate with Legal Shield. Margery has been enjoying working that business to help people get equal justice, and worry less, and live more ever since. She has also started another business The Goal Setting Queen where she gives workshops on Goal Setting and also work privately with clients who want more personal coaching on motivating themselves in various aspects of their life. Margery’s grandson is now 16 and she delights in spending a fair amount of her time in supporting him in his huge goal to play for the NBA (National Basketball Association). This, of course, includes supporting him in being a top academic student, since he knows he must do that to get into a D1 college, which is where the NBA generally recruits from. She ushers and attends various theaters around town. Margery also dances every chance she gets, sometimes doing Ecstatic Dance when her schedule allows. She is a member and regular attender at Center for Spiritual Living, which provides wonderful support for her Spiritual Development. Margery also has 6 other grandchildren whom she loves to spend time with when she can. Being blessed to be born into a fabulous family of origin, Margery likes to spend as much time as she can in Skagit Valley where the rest of them all live. She is thankful every day for the fabulous life she gets to live!

Updates (October 2014)

Elizabeth M. Lockwood: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2013

Elizabeth M. Lockwood received honorable mention in the 2013 CIDA Innovation in Interior Design Education Award for her entry: Collaboration in Hospitality Design. Her masters work at Antioch University was her backbone to creating the body of work that was submitted for this award.

Updates (August 2014)

Catherine Auman: MA in Psychology, 1983

Catherine Auman recently published “Shortcuts to Mindfulness: 100 Ways to Personal and Spiritual Growth.” The book is a collection of short easy-to-read essays on spirituality, relationships, love, tantric sex, and becoming a better person. She is in private practice in West LA and is the Director of The Transpersonal Counseling Center.

Kai McBride: MA in Psychology, 2008

Kai is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a MST-Psychiatric Clinical Supervisor at the New York Foundling in New York City. Kai supervises a team of eight; doing intensive in-home therapy with youth and their families in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. MST-Psychiatric Adaptation provides services to youth and families who are referred through juvenile justice or through children’s services; children are at risk of out of home placement. Team addresses multiple needs of families; targets psychiatric needs and works in collaboration with supports including psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, crisis caseworkers, probation, team services, school staff and the department of ed. Emphasis on safety; reducing self-injurious behavior, suicidal ideation, aggression.

Updates (July 2014)

David Charles Blankenship: BA in Ecopsychology and Environmental Studies, 2008

David is currently pursuing a doctorate program with Northcentral University in Instructional Leadership in order to become a teacher.

Daniel C. Rafferty: MA in Psychology, 2011

For the past three years, Daniel has been working at a wilderness therapy program in Vermont. He just moved to Evanston, IL with his wife and 1 year old daughter. Daniel recently obtained his LCPC and will be opening a private practice in Chicago.

Updates (April 2014)

Katrina Hanawait: BA in Liberal Arts, 1997; MA in Psychology, 2007

Katrina works as an Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Program Manager at the Center for Human Services in Seattle.

Kirstie Bender Segarra: MA in Whole Systems Design, 1997

After graduating from Whole Systems Design, Kirstie moved to Taos, New Mexico and built a strawbale recycled home off the grid. She gave birth to her daughter in 1999. Kirstie began practicing massage and yoga while a student at Antioch University. Since then, she has continued her studies and is currently completing her doctorate in Integrative Medicine. Kirstie teaches medical massage and yoga therapy full-time at the University of New Mexico-Taos. Kirstie has continued her work in systems theory through the programs she has developed. Kirstie remarks, “I am indebted to the knowledge of the late Dr. Rodney Donaldson. He was a true inspiration!”

Updates (March 2014)

Mandy Traut: MA Psychology, 2006

Mandy has a private practice, New Connections Counseling, located in Lynnwood, WA. She provides individual and couples counseling for adults, ranging from 18-65+ years old. Mandy serves those with physical disabilities, those who live a monogamous, heterosexual lifestyle, and those who identify as Lesbian Gay Bisexual, or Transgender.  She offers therapy for the treatment of mood disorders, as well as the working through of various life transitions and physical challenges. With a systems perspective and anti-oppression base, Mandy hopes to convey the message that individuals and couples can live an authentic healthy, and meaningful, life, in which they feel empowered. and (for initial contact and to schedule a free phone consultation).

Chris Slesar: MA Environment & Community, 1999

I wanted to update Antioch community about a project I have been working on in terms of wildlife habitat connectivity in the Northeast. Attached is a link to an Indiegogo site that explains this project:

Kim Ellsworth: MA Ecopsychology, 2013

I’m moving my stuff to Reno, NV where I am from and then traveling the world! I have plans to see all the national parks in the USA and to experience life in many cultures.

Cindy Rushin-Gallagher: MA Psychology, 1990

While at Antioch I designed my MA psychology program for Sex Therapy. After graduating in 1990 I started a private practice and became a Certified Sex Therapist with AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) in 2003. I recently became a Certified Supervisor for AASECT. If anyone is interested in becoming a Certified Sex Therapist, consulting on sex therapy or need a referral for sex therapy I would enjoy hearing from you! This is a specialty that needs more trained therapists. 425-670-2320 or

Eleanor “Nora” Leech: MS Management, 1997

I am serving in the Peace Corps teaching English in Colombia. Here is a 2-minute video I made to share Colombian Coastal culture with you.

Carnival in Barranquilla:

Lezlie Kinyon: BA Completion Program, 1985

Lezlie’s peer-reviewed journal Coreopsis, Journal of Myth & Theatre (Vol 3 No. 1 Fall/Winter 2013/14) “Making Lemonade: When Things Go Wrong” is now ready for your reading pleasure at The submission period for this journal is open for all 2014 issues. Please visit to learn about future issues.

Updates (February 2014)

Victoria Lopez: MA in Psychology, 2012

Vicki opened her counseling practice, Seattle Wellness Therapy, in 2012. Her work focuses on adults moving through life transitions, including shifts in relationships, career direction, and personal identity. She helps clients balance grief with vision, loss with possibility. Vicki brings great warmth, presence, and attunement in her counseling.  Her practice is located in lower Queen Anne neighborhood, and can be found at

Israella Kleinman: MA in Psychology, 2003

Issy is growing her practice Counseling Services for Wellbeing and is looking for Licensed Mental Health Professionals to join her! Check out her posting on our job board.

Updates (January 2014)

David Robinson: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2001

David Robinson is a visual and theatre artist.  His work is rooted in story and he helps people see:  their own stories, their patterns, their choices, and ultimately, their extraordinary capacity. David speaks and workshops in a wide range of arenas, including corporate, non-profit and academia, and maintains a thriving coaching practice with individuals and groups seeking clarity and change. His latest book, THE SEER, joins his body of work that embraces his writing, painting, directing and his visionary heart.

Jackie Dagger: MA in Environment & Community, 2013
Nicole Theberge: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2013

Jackie Dagger and Nicole Therberge became close friends and colleagues while completing their Masters degrees in the Center for Creative Change at Antioch University Seattle from September 2011 to June 2013. Although Nicole and Jackie completed the program with different focuses, they both shared a common interest in community planning and working with cross cultural communication. With a common language for discussing systems and sustainable change, they have now decided to embark on a journey to Latin America. Jackie’s experience in sustainable food production and education, and Nicole’s interest and experience with women’s and girl’s empowerment make for a unique opportunity for creating change. They expect to learn cross-cultural program management while volunteering for a youth empowerment program called Casa Verde.

We are keeping a blog while we are away! Please check it out to learn with us, at:

In addition, we are fundraising for the projects that we are completing in El Limón and to support Casa Verde, the program we will be volunteering for. Our campaign will be ending on January 30th, and all donations are tax deductible. Please find out more about our projects and Casa Verde on our campaign website: Anything helps, and is greatly appreciated!

Rebecca Sandel Lane: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2002

After three years of consulting as a non-profit executive and development director, Rebecca was ecstatic to be invited to join ACT Theatre as the Major Gifts and Campaign Manager, under the leadership of the amazing Maria Kolby-Wolfe. ACT Theatre is a nationally known and nearly fifty year old arts organization in downtown Seattle, raising consciousness through theatre. Rebecca was invited to join this team because of her whole systems background as well as her extensive development experience. Bringing a systems lens to the dynamic field of fundraising and development is a lot of fun for Rebecca. Send her an email at and come on down to ACT!

David C. Blankenship: BA in Ecopsychology and Environmental Studies, 2008

David is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Education in Leadership program at City University of Seattle. David hopes to eventually teach and join the ranks of those great teachers at Antioch University Seattle that inspired him. It was at Antioch University Seattle that his fires were lit for learning, and he was motivated to use that knowledge to help his community. David is forever grateful for teachers such as Sue Woerhlin, Anne Harvey, Mary Lou Findley, and a host of others such as Dr. Yamamoto and Ulysses who first caught his attention at one of the Open House events that his wife Maria and he attended years ago.

Cari Seaborne: MA in Counseling, 2013

After a couple of years in community mental health serving clients recovering from mood issues and trauma experiences Cari is pleased to be continuing her work at her new private practice opening in January 2014. The Seattle practice is located on the cusp between South Lake Union and Eastlake at 1500 Fairview Avenue East at an integrated wellness center that provides chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, and nutrition counseling. She sees adult individuals as well as older adolescents (18-25) who are looking to increase their self-awareness and personal insight through mindfulness, warm understanding, and laughter. Her website is coming soon so contact her at or 206-769-1542 for more information.

Marketplace (December 2013)

Terry Markmann: MA in Psychology, 1989

Space available Full or Part Time for Therapist or other Provider

Are you looking for space in a great building in a great location? We have a spacious office available for one or two providers in our 4 office suite. We are conveniently located right off the I-5 exit at Northgate in a professional office building with plenty of free parking and a nicely appointed waiting room. The building has been updated with new rugs, paint throughout, remodeled bathrooms, etc. The office is easily accessible by several bus routes. Wifi is available. Rent can include some furnishings if desired.

We have been in this location for over 20 years and have a great group of well established therapists. (Current renter leaving town to care for a family member.) Give us a call- we’d love to give you a tour!

Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC at 206-551-2909 or
Terry Markmann RN, MA at 206-361-7034

Updates (December 2013)

Sharon Sanborn: MA in Psychology and Art Therapy, 2003

Sharon is celebrating her 9th year in private practice in 2014 as a Life and Relationship Coach, Art, Photo and Video Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Supervisor!! Sharon works with adults and couples mostly. Check out and contact Sharon Sanborn at 206-283-9767 or

David C. Blankenship: BA in Ecopsychology and Environmental Studies, 2008

David is completing his second Master’s degree at Ottawa University in Human Resources Management after getting his first MA from Capella University in Organizational Development with a concentration in Global Leadership. David’s wife, Maria, who is also an alumnus of Antioch University Seattle, is now a Director of Pioneer Services (a crisis center for chemical dependency and mental health clients) in Burlington, Washington. She is also obtaining her Doctorate degree at the present time at another university.

Janice Palm: MA in Psychology, 1998

Janice is in private practice with an office in Kirkland and in Seattle. Additionally, Janice is executive director for Shepherd’s Counseling Services in Seattle which provides affordable therapy for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Judy C. Szpak: MA in Psychology, 1998

Judy moved to Hawaii in October 2013 and began working with local non profit community mental health agency supporting SPMI adults on Oahu.

Marketplace (November 2013)

Joseph A. Losi: MA in Couple and Family Therapy, 2010

Joseph A. Losi, LMFT and Cynthia Benge, MSW, LMHC are pleased to announce the scheduling of their 2nd “Hold Me Tight Seattle, A Weekend Couples Workshop,” HMTS for Spring 2014 is scheduled for March 28th-30th. This workshop is limited to a maximum of 12 couples. Modeled on the pioneering work of Dr. Susan Johnson, the creator of EFT for Couples, HMTS aims to enhance a couples ability to access, identify and share previously blocked primary emotions, wants and need and in doing so to create new powerful bonds of intimacy. More details of this Hold Me Tight Seattle are available at or by calling Joseph at 206-595-2577

Kristen Corning: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2004

Kristen Corning is hosting a retreat for philanthropic women, March 7-9, 2014 at the Whidbey Institute. Join nine other compassionate women for a weekend that will change the way you experience philanthropy. This retreat will provide you with the resources to become a more thoughtful and joyful giver, the tools to create a strategic philanthropic plan, and the motivation to act on your desires to ‘give back.’ You will leave the weekend with a personal philanthropic mission and the actionable steps needed to create change in your community. With accommodations in the beautiful historic farmhouse at The Whidbey Institute, you will enjoy organic, locally sourced food and wine, experience meditative walks through the 100 acres of northwest woodland, and find the space, time and structure to create a vision for the future. Take time out for yourself and make an impact in your community. For more information visit and register online.

Updates (November 2013)

Allison Durazzi: BA in Liberal Arts, 2011

Allison is excited to share the news that she is joining Washington Lawyers for the Arts as Executive Director, starting December 1! WLA has been a vital resource to Washington State artists since 1976, and Allison is honored to work with them. This opportunity combines her passion for the arts and social justice. WLA’s fantastic programs include clinics, workshops, and a speakers bureau.

Cassie Mohl Rush (Villalobos): MA in Psychology, 2007

Cassie is starting a mental health private practice and looking for a shared office space in Seattle area to begin her practice. Cassie hopes to open the doors as of mid-January 2014

Rachel Carey DeBusk: MA in Education, 1993

Rachel has been practicing as a holistic fitness coach for several years now. She helps people clarify and live up to their fitness, nutrition, and health values on a day to day basis. One of Rachel’s passions is coaching people to achieve meaningful personal fitness milestones like a first marathon, half marathon, or triathlon. Rachel would love to hear from MA Education friends!

L Morgan Barry: MA in Whole Systems Design, 1992

L Morgan has retired from Public Health – Seattle & King County in mid-August, a role L Morgan took 19 years ago, 2 years after getting the MA in Whole Systems Design. Before that, L Morgan owned a PR business, and, before that, had been a social worker for special populations. L Morgan decided it was time to take a break to find out what the next chapter in life. L Morgan began the exploration with fellow Whole Systems colleague, friend, and change facilitator Shelley Glendenning (who teaches the AUS Designing Your Practice course and other courses), and it’s still an “emergent design.”

Margaret Z. Sutro: MA in Psychology, 1997

Who knew that downsizing could be liberating? After working in “therapy gulch” of Madison Valley in Seattle for 10 years, Margaret moved her solo counseling practice around the corner to a smaller space. Now INNER SPACE STUDIO has a more intimate feeling, though there’s plenty of room for the body awareness and movement in counseling that Margaret has done with adults for over 25 years. Margaret has taken a hiatus from volunteering with, but enjoys helping the adults with AD/HD who are in her practice.

Patricia “Pat” O’Dwyer Flores: BA in Peace, Justice, and Social Change and Business Administration, 1992

Pat is retired but has worked on several projects/jobs in the last year. Pat worked as a Meeter/Greeter at SeaTac Airport for Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services. For the last year, Pat had a space in an antique mall. As ‘The Family Historian,’ Pat has been researching genealogy for clients. Pat has also been editing her family stories for publication.

Sonia P Hart Majors: MA in Whole Systems Design, 1994

Sonia retired from her position as a Social Worker from the State of Washington in 2010. Sonia is now enjoying more time with her husband, family, and her 11 year old grandson.

Linda A Eastham Ahzrauhn: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2000

Linda stated that being a student at AUS added a dimension to her life that she is continually appreciating.

Susan H Hayes Netherton: MA in Psychology, 1989

Susan is retired and has done a lot of traveling in the world, learning about cultures and their histories.

Mary Sherhart: BA in Arts Management & Ethnomusicology Liberal Studies, 1999

In 2011, Mary founded and directed the Bulgarian Voices of Seattle Women’s Choir, a 30-member choir of women from Bulgaria age 23-78. Mary is the past-president and current treasurer of Sevdah North America, a non-profit formed to preserve and present the traditional songs from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mary also serves on the Advisory Board of the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle and the University of Washington Department of Slavic Languages and Literature.

Patricia A Davis: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2005

Patricia has traveled to 8 different countries to teach and heal with the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process that she designed from the Navajo/Dineh blessingway principles. It is a four phase re-framing thinking process from Euro-centric Dualistic to Affirmative thinking to engage in the creative imagination for the co-creative solutions. It is a re-framing process to use thinking to tell the body correct information for win-win constructive and life-affirming choices.

Stephanie L. Sanders Allgood: MA Ed. with Teaching Certificate, 1997

Stephanie enjoys teaching after-school art classes at three elementary schools. Stephanie and her students currently have an installation at the Bellevue Arts Museum. It’s called UNITY/VARIETY: The Weaving Project. (June 29-December 1st). The piece is made up of nearly 1000 individual weavings on up-cycled CDs using thrifted yarn. Visitors to the museum can add their own weaving to the installation. Unity and Variety are principles of composition in art, and they are principles of community as well. The weavings are individual, each unique, and yet part of the larger community. The CDs contain images and information, much like the hidden inner stories of the people around us. After the show closes December 1st, Stephanie would love to find another display opportunity for the installation. If you would like more information about the project and view photos, you can view these on Stephanie’s blog:

Elizabeth Crowder Hungerland: MA in Adult and Higher Education, 2001

Elizabeth moved to Australia and is volunteering at the Cape Byron Lighthouse. She is involved in cataloging museum collection and on-going display as well as traveling exhibits.

Katherine Pryor: MA Environment & Community, 2008

Katherine’s first children’s book, “Sylvia’s Spinach”, was published by Readers to Eaters, an independent publisher dedicated to promoting food literacy. She promotes the book through school visits, farm to table events, and at a variety of northwest book-signing events. Find out more at:

Updates (October 2013)

Heather Eslien: MA in Counseling, 2009

Since moving to Sarasota FL 10 months ago, Heather is currently acquiring her hours for licensure through her practice working with the much underserved Transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) communities here. As an advocate and activist through my therapy practice, education and outreach services, Heather is striving to be a resource for these folks as they struggle for civil rights at this pivotal time in the social justice movement.

Lezlie Kinyon: BA Completion Program, 1985

Lezlie’s peer-review journal Coreopsis, Journal of Myth and Theater has risen like a phoenix! Click here to read about the current issue Musing on Euterpe: Electric and Acoustic Music of Our Times Vol. 2, No. 4 Spring Summer 2013. To find out more about this journal, please visit, and to subscribe to the journal, send an email to

Tarron Ward: MA in Organizational Psychology, 2010

Tarron has changed her name from Tarron Aquino back to her maiden name of Tarron Ward. Tarron works in Business Operations for The Boeing Company.

Marianne “Mer” James: MA in Psychology. 1991

Marianne just started as a second year Doctoral student at Antioch Santa Barbara!

Marketplace (September 2013)

John Hetherington: MA Organizational Development, 2013

While earning my MA in organizational development John worked for both the on-campus Writing Lab and the Virtual Writing Center. Having recently graduated and wanting to stay connected to our community, he is now offering his services to alumni!

With John you can focus on specific documents such as refining your resume and cover letters, preparing an article for publication, or editing pages on your website. John can also support you in the development of your general writing skills as they relate to anything from effective email communications to creating presentations and training materials.

You are welcome to contact John with any inquiries at His rates are flexible, and he is available to meet online or in person if you are within the Seattle area.

Mayda Taney: MA in Psychology/Art Therapy, 2004

Monthly supervision group for LMHC, ATR, or LMFT. First Friday of month 9 a.m. – noon starting Oct. 5. This will be a group to practice self reflection, mindfulness, and processing countertransference as well as case presentations. The first two hours will be using a process painting/collaging modality and the 3rd hour will be for case presentations. I am located in Federal Way and the group will be run in my studio. Space will be limited to 5 participants and I would like there to be a commitment for 6 months in order for you to experience the full benefits of process art making.

Contact Mayda at

Update (August 2013)

Pamela Sackett: BA in Liberal Arts, 1990

I have a new book out called “Booing Death (with Shpilkes & Rhyme)” that received a soft opening at NW Folklife 2013. I have a couple author events coming up in September. Details about the book and events can be found here:

Susan (Susie) Spector: MA in Psychology, 1995 Has just celebrated her 12 year anniversary at the Brigid Collins Family Support Center, where she coordinates the Safe Babies/ Safe Moms program. They serve pregnant and parenting women with co-occuring disorders: chemical dependency and mental health issues. They are one of the three SBSM sites in the State of WA. In addition to her 3/4 time position here ,where she provides both individual and group therapy and skills training, in addition to supervising a team of 4 full time case managers, she also has a small private practice working with adults.

Marketplace (August 2013)

Tracy Flynn: MA in Education, 1994

Tracy Flynn Consulting – Peer Leadership, Coaching, and Networking
vision * values * voice
A series of six sessions to help participants enhance their creativity and put more passion into their work. We will create a community to gain new skills, share experiences, and network with each other. Sessions will address and include:
• Leadership development
• Communication styles
• Peer coaching
• Goal setting
• Exploring work/life balance

Sessions will take place weekly:
October 18 Friday 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
October 25 Friday 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
November 1 Friday 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
November 8 Friday 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
November 14 Thursday 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
November 21 Thursday 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

For more information, please email

Update (July 2013)

Shannon N. Kringen: BA in Arts and Literature, 2013, has works as an artist and art model. She has self published a book, aRt, Identity and the Sacred. You can find out more information about her book here:

Carolyn V. Hamilton: BA in Liberal Arts, 1986, has moved to the Andes mountain town of Cuenca, Ecuador. Carolyn is now focusing on her creative passions: art journaling, writing, comedy improv, cooking, and her magazine (for women over 50 doing fun things).

Linda J. Green-Baskett: MA in Psychology, 1995, has closed her Seattle private psychotherapy practice, Threshold Counseling, after 12 years. She and her family are relocating to Salt Lake City Utah. Linda is now a Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Utah. She will be continuing her work in treatment of trauma in Salt Lake City. Linda will maintain licensure in Washington State. You can contact her at 206-682-9564.

Michael S. Butler: MA in Psychology, 2002, has been in full time private practice as an analytically informed psychotherapist since 2006. Since April 2012, Michael has been the Director of the Alliance Community Psychotherapy Clinic (ACPC), a program of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study. ACPC provides very low fee psychotherapy as well as training for psychotherapists interested in analytically informed therapy. To find out more about this program go to and click on the clinic.

Market Place (June 2013)

Joseph A. Losi: MA in Psychology, 2010, is proud to offer “Hold Me Tight Seattle,” a couples workshop with Cynthia Benge, MSW, LMHC. Hold Me Tight (HMT) workshops are based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Susan Johnson, the creator of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Our HMT workshop is scheduled for Oct 18-20th and conveniently located at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle. Details can be found by visiting, by emailing, or by calling Joseph at 206-595-2577.

Update (June 2013)

Lindsay A. Hoffe: MA in Psychology, 2012, was hired by Renton Area Youth & Family Services (RAYS) as a Child and Family Therapist.

Heather D. Eslien: MA in Psychology, 2009, has a private practice in Florida.

Qwo-Li Driskill: MA in Whole Systems Design, 2001, relocated from Texas to Oregon for a new position at Oregon State University to help launch the new Queer Studies curriculum. Qwo-Li was also was an honoree for the inaugural “Trans 100,” a list focused on the positive work being accomplished by Trans people nationwide.

Karen Holum: BA in Liberal Studies, 1984, just completed her Master’s in Human-Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington. Karen is excited and thrilled to be done, and she is looking forward to her next challenge.

Update (May 2013)

Pablo Stanfield: MA in Whole Systems Design, 1986 recently retired and traveled to Cuba. While in Cube, he taught three courses in the 2nd session of the new Cuban Quaker Peace Institute. He is back in Seattle and currently preparing to return to Cuba for another set of courses next January.

Market Place (May 2013)

Anonymous Alumni would like to announce the event Social Media and Internet Technologies for EAP and Mental Health Professionals on June 28. This event features guest speaker Marina London who is an expert on Social Media for EAP professionals.  Marina writes a blog on the subject and speaks at many EAPA (Employee Assistance Professionals Association) conferences worldwide.

This workshop is specifically designed to boost a practitioner’s professional visibility and market their practice through the use of technology. It will cover blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, online counseling, smart phones, skyping, encryption, confidentiality and online credit card payments.

Bring a fully charged laptop or iPad and get your questions answered. Seating is limited (really). 6 CEU’s for WA State social workers, mental health counselors and family therapists and 6 PDH’s for CEAP’s.

Fees: $129/$149 by June 03, thereafter $149/$169. Fees also include a catered lunch and continuing education credits.

For more information please visit:

“Honing Your Style as a Professional” Workshop

Danah Feldman: MA in Psychology, 1986, will help you go through a process to discover, define, clarify, crystallize, hone and embrace your own unique style as a professional. These are two day workshops for therapists, teachers, counselors, consultants, and anyone working in Human Services who is new to the profession or a seasoned practitioner. You will learn how to utilize your style in a manner that will enhance your work with others. This workshop will be limited to a small group to facilitate a deep, personal, safe, and individualized process for each participant. This workshop is offered several weekends from July through September 2013 in the San Juan Islands.

You can contact Danah by calling 360-468-2957 or emailing her at to reserve your preferred dates, gain for information about the workshops, and view pictures of the retreat site.

Danah Feldman, MA has almost almost 30 years experience as a Psychotherapist and Consultant in private practice. Danah incorporates a diverse mixture of ingredients in her work, including looking at the issues from a new perspective, a willingness to experiment, a good dosage of tenacity, a dollop of irreverence and humor, a blending of practical solutions and implementation, and anything else that works.

Update (April 2013)

Helen Maynard: MA in Education, 2001 is excited to share that after being laid off in 2009 from her non-profit, education reform job as a Program Director for Powerful Schools, she has found a job which keeps her engaged in education reform.  She is working as the Career Specialist & Graduation Success Coordinator for an alternative high school which has 5 sites in the Seattle School District.

She is working with a dedicated group of educators, assisting at-risk youth in obtaining their high school diploma and continuing with their education in a higher education and/or training program setting. It is very rewarding work and keeps her engaged in alternative education.

She is also staying connected with AUS by participating on the Antioch Alumni Advisory Council. The Council is offering both alumni and students a very relevant and informative career/job search event – “Permission to Market Yourself” on Saturday, May 4th. She asks that Alumni plan to attend and learn about the most effective new strategies for keeping current in this rapidly changing landscape!

Market Place (April 2013)

Rachel LordKenaga: MA Psychology, 2004 is sharing information about office space open at Sakura counseling.  Sakura offers offices for Full/part time therapy/counseling offices by day/hour.

Sakura can schedule by the hour in any of nine rooms,7 days a week, without scheduling restrictions.  Their offices have accessible parking, and are located in a centralized location. Sakura Counseling also has full service furnished offices and conference spaces in a “Class A” Building with sweeping 13th floor views of the city and bay.

Cost: $125 for a maximum of 24 hours/month, $100 each additional 12 hours. 6 month agreements or lease options available.

Includes: Ambiance Music system, sound proofing, wireless internet. Waiting lobby/coffee service. Work room with copier, scanner, fax and computer. Locking file cabinets and mail slots. All utilities.

Available: WA State Certified Clinical Supervisors. After hours access with 12-hour security guards. Website promotion with top of first page ranking includes:

For details and pictures go to the website below.

Mac Partlow (206) 276-0325. Web: Email:

Market Place (April 2013)

Digital Storytelling class available for free alumni audit!

Once again, Elizabeth Burke ’03 and Sue Woehrlin ’82 are offering a community-wide digital storytelling course at AUS with 4-5 slots available for alumni auditors. The class will help you learn to craft a story with photos, video clips, sound and narrated script to create a powerful 3-5 minute movie. Only requires software already available in your computer (or downloadable for free). This is a very dynamic medium that supports transformative personal growth, as well as has many professional applications for practitioners in mental health, education, the arts, leadership/organizational development, and social change.

The class meets four Saturdays, 9 am – 5 pm: April 20, May 4 and 18 and June 1. You must be able to attend all four days, and commit to completing a movie in order to participate.

To express interest, alumni should email Sue at First come, first serve.

Update (March 2013)

Marline Rostom: MA Psychology Mental Health Counseling, 2009 is continuing her career as a therapist and clinical supervisor with the WA Department of Corrections. Currently, she is expanding into the realm of private practice. She is licensed as a Mental Health Counselor, and specializes in the treatment of behavioral difficulties, trauma recovery, anxiety management, and emotion regulation in adolescents and adults. She also specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  (DBT). Marline holds a person-centered and strengths based view towards clients.
If you or someone you know is looking for a therapist to help you overcome an obstacle or challenge, please contact Marline:

Marline Rostom, MA , LMHC
Balanced Living Therapy, LLC
Edmonds, WA

Check out Marline’s profile on Psychology Today for more information:
** Marline is also available to provide clinical supervision hours to those pursuing licensure.

Market Place (March 2013)

Kimberly Peterson: MA Psychology, 2003 is announcing that Ahimsa Counseling is expanding into a second location in Pioneer Square.  Starting on April 1st they will have space available for subleasing mental health counseling office space.

Ahimsa’s expansion is a wonderful opportunity to become a part of an established team of mindfulness based therapists, especially if you are just beginning the LMHCA process in private practice.  For the past two years they have not had room availability, and now they have openings for nearly every day of the week!

All days are $160 per day per month (if you rent Mondays, you rent every Monday for that month, if you rent a Monday and a Tuesday, it is $320 for every Monday and Tuesday for that month, etc).  All pricing includes free internet, a lovely waiting area, and inclusion in our established website, If you are an LMHCA, you will receive discounted rates for supervision if you choose to sublease with us.

Please call Kimberly Peterson, LMHC, 206-240-5833, or email

Market Place (March 2013)

Margaret Reed: MA Whole Systems Design, 2004 is moving back to Seattle and has put her 2.1 acre mini-farm in the Skagit Valley up for sale. It is packed with fruits, veggies, herbs, native plants and assorted perennial flowers, all organic. The soil is fabulous! It has so much potential. Margaret did convert an out-building to a living unit, (which she has been renting out) using reclaimed materials from the on-site barn, including a claw foot bathtub and barn wood, and installed features like a dual flush toilet and on-demand water heater.  She would like for an eco-minded, sustainably minded individual bought it and fulfilled its amazing potential. She has useful ties with the community that she could share. It is listed at:!/mlsnum:454974

Update (March 2013)

Judy Hienemann: M.A. Psychology, 1990, has moved back from Spokane, and is now living in Anacortes again. Last summer she took a Director position with Compass Health.  Currently, she is thinking about doing a Doctorate program.

Update (March 2013)

Aude Geltzer: MA MFT, 2001, after 11 years of raising her children and painting abstract art is excited to return to work as a therapist.

Marketplace (February 2013)

Abby Smith, M.A. Psychology, 1998, shared this message: “I have a beautiful office on West Lake Union in Seattle which is available for sublet on Saturdays. It is big enough to comfortably accommodate groups/families and has a private waiting room. This desirable building has a wait-list for space because of its lake views, sunlight & easy accessibility by bus and car. Business insurance required. Use of locking file cabinet for charts, desk, printer. $150/day per month.” If you are interested, contact Abby at

Update (February 2013)

Joseph Losi, M.A. Psychology, 2010: In December of 2012 Joseph became a fully licensed M.F.T. in Washington state.

As an active member of SeattleEFT, Joseph is trained in the advanced core skills of Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and Level 1 EFT for Individuals. His therapeutic approach is rooted in assisting clients to become fully aware of unrecognized, unshared, connective primary emotions and reactive, disconnecting secondary emotions. He helps couples, men, and women cultivate greater awareness, acceptance and regulation of emotion, and behavior. With empathic support he helps his clients develop the ability to communicate primary and secondary emotion in powerful ways that foster increased congruity with self and intimacy with partners, spouses, and others. Joseph will present on EFT Couples Therapy at the WAMFT Bellevue Networking Coffee on November 15th, 2013.

An active member of Cascadia Collaborative Divorce, he is also experienced in helping individuals negotiate the difficult task of divorce.

You can find his website, Facebook professional page and NW Therapy Finder Video below:

Update (February 2013)

Mandy Traut, M.A. Psychology, 2006: last month, Mandy was a guest on Richard Wagner, Ph.D.’s podcast “Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice: Sex Advice With an Edge.” You can tune in to hear about Mandy’s practice, her view on alternative sexuality, and other topics in one of two ways: Go to and look up Sex Wisdom shows (probably archived by now). When you see the show with Mandy’s name, you should be able to play it directly off their website! You may also visit Mandy’s website to find the link.

Update (February 2013)

Maria Blankenship, M.A. Psychology, 2009, is currently finishing her certification as a Chemical Dependent Professional. She is also a doctoral candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialty in Military Families and Trauma, and will be graduating in 2015. Further, Maria is leading a pilot program at the agency where she work, dealing with the integration of individuals that have dual diagnosis such as chemical dependency issue as well as mental health disorders and treating them in a holistic manner with a team of case managers, prescribers, medical doctors, and mental health therapists.

Update (January 2013)

Mark D. West, M.A. Whole Systems Design, 2007, recently co-authored “Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling and Visual Design for Persuasive Presentations.” The book draws on Mark’s experience at Microsoft and techniques now used throughout the company for change management, presentation design, and visual storytelling.

Update (January 2013)

Kathryn Sorrells, Ph.D., M.A. Whole Systems Design, 1992, published “Intercultural Communication: Globalization and Social Justice” in 2012. The textbook has been getting rave reviews for its clear intention to create a more fair and equitable world through communication. Kathryn is a professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and teaches intercultural  communication, critical pedagogy, performance, cultural studies, and feminist theory.

Update (January 2013)

Elise Child, M.A. Communication, 2010, serves as a board member of the Women of Wisdom Council and as member of the conference planning committee, coordinating the media team for the upcoming Women of Wisdom Conference. Elise wanted to share her excitement about the workshops at this conference with her fellow alumni ; participants can attend one day, all days, just the weekend, etc. To learn more about the conference and all the workshops, please visit the WOW website.

Marketplace (January 2013)

Lisa Tarrach, M.A. Psychology, 2008, has available office space:

“Share our lovely therapy office space in Wallingford, with easy access to I-5 and Hwy 99.  Street parking is free, or reserved parking for a fee. Walk to coffee shops and restaurants in the neighborhood.

Fully furnished and all utilities are included in a secure building (Wallingford Workspace Building). Desk, printer, Internet access and some storage space too.
$125.00 per day, per month. Days available are Wednesday Friday, and Sunday.”

Please contact Lisa at 206-295-1385 or

Update (January 2013)

Roy Hodgson, M.A. Psychology, 2004, is coordinating international workshops in Emotion Focused Therapy. Including an individual level one training with Serine Warwar, Ph.D. and a level two with Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D. Early Bird registration is on now. Go to for more information. Roy is also facilitating Seattle’s first Advanced Couples Externship in EFT at the Samaritan Center of Puget sound. For more information go to

Update (January 2013)

Jennifer J. Wilhoit Ph.D., B.A. Liberal Arts 1995, M.A. Education, 1998, will be presenting a paper in Australia next month. Her abstract, “Changing the Sustainability Story through Nature-Based Personal Stories,” has been accepted for presentation at the XIX International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology jointly with the IV International Conference on Sustainability Science in Asia, which is being held at the Australian National University, Canberra Australia, 5-8 February 2013.

Marketplace (January 2013)

Kate Munson, M.A. Psychology, 2009, is subleasing her counseling office in Wallingford on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. A little bit about the space from Kate: “My office is in the Wallingford Workspace building which is a secure building with wheel chair accessibility. There is a waiting room and an elevator. I have a great view of downtown and the office is nicely appointed for individual, couple and possible group work. I’m asking for $150 per day per month. My contact info is or 206-295-825.”

In Memoriam (January 2013)

With sadness we share news that Cecile Scott, B.A. Liberal Studies, M.A. Whole Systems Design, died recently after a prolonged illness. She held on long enough to complete her book, “Knowing Bodies: Traveling in Bali and Through Cancer,” (now available through Amazon), and to hold a launch party this past fall. Cecile’s first trip to Bali, which she discusses in the book, was part of the Whole Systems Design course, “Intercultural Learning,” led by faculty member Elaine Jessen. She returned to Bali after being diagnosed with breast cancer “to learn more from the Balinese acceptance of uncertainty, reliance on community, and the art of weaving the sacred into the fabric of everyday life. Her memoir tells the story of ten years when braiding cancer into her life seems the only way to keep it from unraveling.” An accomplished poet and writer, she brought intellectual brilliance, humor, wisdom, and beauty to the Whole Systems Design community.  – Betsy Geist, Director, MA Programs in Leadership and Change

Marketplace (January 2013)

Jennifer J. Wilhoit, Ph.D., B.A. Liberal Arts 1995, M.A. Education, 1998: Jennifer is offering discounts at TEALarbor stories for January 2013! If you have a writing or story project you would like to get started in the new year, now is the time to sign up!

Any new client who commits to at least 15 hours of writing mentorship or story & nature guiding will receive 10% off. Discounted rate applies to anyone who signs up by January 21, 2013. (Fifteen hours of service must be used by March 31, 2013.)

For more information, or to sign up, please contact Jennifer now at