abroad1Antioch University Seattle and LEAPNOW offer  an alternative freshman/sophomore year called LEAPYEAR for ages 17-24 that allows a student to travel and study abroad. This nine-month program is tremendously varied, is designed to cultivate the whole person, and includes:

  • a three-month experiential group semester of language,
  • service and cultural immersion in India or South America,
  • a 12-week solo internship of your own choosing,
  • career and job-readiness counseling,
  • a curriculum of Life Skills Learning, and
  • a formal Rite of Passage that also involves the parents.

LEAPNOW was founded in 1994 and has placed over 1,500 people in service and environmental internships abroad, sent 51 guided groups of young people to Central and South America, India, Australia/New Zealand and Fijii, and conducted a dozen LeapYear programs. LEAPNOW students have given over 612,000 hours of their time to service, environmental, medical, and wildlife organizations around the world.

For more information, visit the LEAPNOW website.