Individualized Program

At Antioch University Seattle, you can design a program as individual as you are. Some students find that traditional degree programs do not reflect the broad, interdisciplinary curiosity that drives them as they explore the world. Others have specific professional goals or areas of deep personal interest that aren’t served by a standardized program. For such self-directed, reflective learners, we offer a custom BA program – the Individualized Bachelors of Arts Concentration.

Whether you are hoping to start your career, advance it, or switch professions, your faculty and degree committee will bring practical perspective to your degree and its value in the community once you graduate. Through their mentorship, you will identify and pursue opportunities that will allow you to make a difference in your community and your workplace.

You individualize your program with the help of your faculty adviser and a degree committee of your choosing. For your self-designed studies, you can draw your courses from many disciplines. For example, you already may hold many upper and lower division college credits and hope to finish your degree in a specific field that does not relate to one of the structured areas of concentration. Or you may be interested in combining three areas of interest that appear to be unrelated such as your background in business administration and your interest in creative writing and psychology. Or you may simply be interested in pursuing studies unrelated to one of the structured areas of concentration such as naturopathic healing, Northwest marine life, or foreign language study. In cases such as this, creating your own area of concentration might be the best option for you.

Join us to learn more at our BA Info Session on Tuesday, April 21. RSVP here.
Our BA Orientation will be on June 18, 2015.

Here’s a look at some of the recent concentrations students have created for themselves:

Psychology with an emphasis on community health

Labor relations/organizational and social change

Natural sciences/applied music

Social anthropology

American studies

Theater arts and dance

Multicultural studies and English as a second language

Social psychology and business with emphasis on economics

Nonprofit leadership

Psychology of inter-subjective identity and creative expression

Music performance

Language, consciousness, and information theory

International business leadership and intercultural communication

Multicultural counseling and community advocacy

Arts and education

Public administration leadership

Environmental sociology

Pre-medical sciences

Culture and health

Psychology and organizational systems leadership