BA Degree Completion: Dean’s Welcome

Dean Jonathan Scherch, Ph.D.

Dean Jonathan Scherch, Ph.D.

A Message from the Dean

As I travel regionally, nationally and internationally to attend meetings or pursue my field research, I am often asked:

Why should I choose Antioch University Seattle to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree?

And equally often, I need only begin to share a few program highlights in response before the crux is revealed:

Antioch University Seattle’s BA Completion Program and the new Master of Science in Management & Leadership are THE best interdisciplinary educational value.

Students who come to Antioch University Seattle join an educational tradition that began in 1852 and, to this day, applies Liberal Arts as well as Leadership and Change curricula to innovative pursuits of social, economic and environmental justice.  Few other universities or undergraduate programs can claim such profound tradition — we do so proudly and confidently, underpinning our academic scholarship and community-based applications as if the world is counting on such.

Why are we THE best value to meet your educational needs and expectations?

  1. We have excellent, award-winning students who originate from many parts of the world and whose diversity enriches learning AND applications with practical, durable results;

  2. We have excellent faculty who are world-class scholars and who engage students with exciting courses and robust field projects that connect new academic learning with life experiences;

  3. We have excellent professional staff who provide timely support and guidance for students so that they can stay focused on their academic passions and career pursuits;

  4. We have an excellent liberal arts curriculum including 10 Areas of Concentration to help you reveal, organize and amplify your aspirations and connect them to professional pathways.

We are committed to your success and our demonstration of such is on display every day.

We have created many ways for you to engage the BA, MA, and greater AUS community while also adding extra-curricular learning experiences to your education.  For example:

  • Morethana Farm: a new six-acre, organic farmstead located in Woodinville, WA (about 45 minutes from campus) which serves as an interdisciplinary “field lab” for community-supported, sustainable agriculture projects.  Student and faculty research, internships, and class visits are common at Morethana Farm. For more information, visit our Facebook page.

  • Antioch Education Abroad: Our study abroad programs serve Antioch University students and qualified students from over 140 institutions nationally. In 2012, one-third of all students participating in AEA programs came from the top 25 colleges or universities in the U.S., as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. In our programs, students embark on a transformative learning experience that enhances their potential and purpose as scholars and globally conscious citizens. Our students learn new perspectives, build cross-cultural competency and make connections that will influence them and their careers in the years to come.

  • Women’s Education Program: For more than 15 years, the BA program at Antioch Seattle has hosted a breakfast and education resource for homeless women in the downtown Seattle area. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from an incredible and talented community.

  • Seattle Rain Garden Project: In November 2012 Antioch University Seattle was chosen to receive a grant from The Russell Family Foundation for the Roadside Rain Gardens – Communities for Clean Water project. As part of the grant, AUS is developing a collaborative team to work with the City of Seattle and Ballard neighborhood stakeholders to develop voluntary roadside rain garden permit rules, build a demonstration site, and assess the process for reducing stormwater pollution. And, BA students are involved!

Our students graduate with a robust liberal studies preparation reflecting critical thinking skills, effective communication capacities and “can-do” confidence.

And so, many of our graduates stay at AUS and pursue graduate studies (given that our BA Program provides excellent preparation for admission into graduate programs here and elsewhere).

I invite you to come to campus for a visit. Learn about AUS and our opportunities for you to complete your BA degree and perhaps pursue your Master’s degree thereafter.  You will not be disappointed.

I hope to see you soon.

Best regards,

Jonathan M. Scherch, Ph.D.