BA Degree Completion: Credit For Life Learning

Students come to Antioch University Seattle with diverse educational histories and life experiences. Our BA Degree Completion program recognizes that these learning experiences are important and often times serve as the basis for students’ future academic and career goals. Through our Prior Learning Process, you have the opportunity to pursue academic credit for your life experience. To gain credit you enroll in courses in which you document your experiential learning by writing what we call a “priors packet” which is a written narrative that captures your life experience. We will support you through the process and even have prior examples you can view available in our office.

Our students receive university credit for diverse and unique knowledge acquired through such life activities as producing documentary film, starting a small business, traveling abroad, advocating for human rights, and an array of other life experiences. Once completed, your narrative is evaluated by an expert in the field.

While prior learning credits are recognized as college level equivalent, they are a quarter of the cost for regular AUS credits which can significantly reduce the overall expense of completing your degree. You may earn up to 48 credits (or 60 if you have an exceptional depth and breadth of life experiences and baseline liberal arts competencies) that can be applied to the 180 credits needed to graduate.

The BA completion program offers two courses to help students who choose to pursue credit for their life experience:

Learning from Experience: Documenting Life Learning
As an adult learner, you bring with you and array of life experiences when you start the B.A. program. The Learning from Experience class enables you to translate life experience into college credit. Class assignments take you through the steps needed to translate your experience and integrate your prior learning into your degree program.

Writing Prior Learning Experience
This class provides you with the support and structure needed to document your prior learning. You will learn how to organize prior learning credits into disci­plinary categories, identify specific learning competencies, and construct coherent, articulate and comprehensive learning narratives for evaluation. You receive constructive feedback on your writing and, by the end of the class, are fully prepared for evaluation.

To gain full advantage of the prior learning process, we recommend you begin the documentation process early in your studies. If you have questions about the prior learning process at AUS, please contact the BA Degree program at 206-268-4406.