Sustainable Business

The Sustainable Business concentration offers a socially conscientious approach to the study of business and creating an economy. Based on sustainable models  and emphasizing an ethic of social responsibility driving business decisions and functions, this concentration focuses on the balance of creating environmental sustainability and financial success.

Sustainable Business coursework highlights individuals and organizations that foster entrepreneurial change and innovative approaches that allow you to learn the knowledge and skills to effect positive change within today’s challenging business environment. Your studies emphasize: social responsibility and ethical behavior, leadership skills, environmental and organizational sustainability, working successfully within an interdependent global economy, and achieving a positive “triple bottom line” (people, planet, and profit).

You will be challenged to think critically about business issues within a societal and global context, while experimenting with and applying liberal studies principles and practices. This concentration requires some lower-division coursework prior to or concurrent with enrollment.

Antioch University Seattle offers accelerated options for students interested in a master’s programs, including environment and community, organizational development, or whole systems design. Read more about the accelerated learning ladder option.

Graduates in Sustainable Business are in demand in the job market and found new employment or promotions in businesses or nonprofits, starting their own businesses, or continuing on to graduate studies. The B.A. program offers options for combining coursework as part of an accelerated learning Ladder program if you are accepted as a master’s student. Consult an admissions counselor for details or attend an Information Session for more information.