We believe that strong, healthy natural environments emerge only in relationship with strong, healthy communities of people and vice versa. For us, sustainability means caring for the places we inhabit and the people we share them with. It means having the courage to do better and the willingness to do good.

These beliefs enliven our campus and inspire us to:

  • Provide a creative, positive learning environment
  • Nurture a sense of responsibility for one another and for nature
  • Encourage students and faculty to become engaged citizens of the world
  • “Green” our campus, reduce waste, and become carbon neutral
  • Embed sustainability in all aspects of our academic programs
  • Work with neighborhood businesses and groups to innovate sustainable solutions to the challenges we face together
  • Collaborate with other organizations and higher education institutions to advance sustainability

As a learning community, we seek to understand the complex dynamics of sustainability. As citizens of Seattle, the nation, and the world, we apply what learn to help build a healthy, vibrant future for all.

Please explore the sections about our Green Initiatives and Green Campus for more information about what AUS is doing today to make a difference.