An Interview with Antioch University Seattle’s President Dr. Brian Baird

Dr. Brian Baird


Welcome to Antioch University Seattle (AUS)! Tell us a little about your background before joining our community.

Prior to my service in the U.S. House of Representatives, I worked as a university faculty member at Pacific Lutheran University and as a licensed clinical psychologist. During more than fifteen years teaching at the university and community college levels, I have been a department chair, published in scientific journals, and authored a best-selling textbook that is now in its seventh edition. My clinical work spanned twenty-three years, with specialization in brain injury rehabilitation and medical settings.

What issues did you tackle while in Congress?

I focused on science and technology, education, health care, oceans, foreign policy, fiscal discipline, and Congressional integrity. From my research training, I brought a strong science methodology and statistical knowledge with a focus on applied, real-world problems that informed my work in Congress.

Why did you decide to accept this position at Antioch?

The many wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet, the proud traditions of Antioch University, the university’s mission of service, the emphasis on applied learning, and so many other outstanding qualities drew me here. From my perspective, I can effect more positive change in the world as the President of AUS than I would be able to if I had stayed in Congress.

What about Antioch speaks to you the most?

These are exciting and challenging times for higher education overall and for AUS. I am convinced that the talent, dedication, creativity, and commitment of everyone at Antioch University Seattle will allow us to meet the challenges and discover new opportunities to move forward stronger than ever.  I am convinced of the relevance and importance of AUS’s mission to provide a collaborative, student-centered learning environment for adults committed to positive change in the world.