Antioch University’s five campus system holds the following core values:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The University offers quality academic programs relevant to the needs of today’s learners and embraces experiential learning by bridging academic outcomes with the real-world experience of all members of its learning community.

Nurturing Student Achievement

The University educates the whole person by cultivating personal growth, pragmatic idealism, and the achievement of professional goals.

Supporting Scholarship and Service

The University recognizes the active engagement of faculty in student learning, scholarship, and service. As well, Antioch University values the manifold ways students and graduates creatively and deliberatively apply their learning to the common good.

A Commitment to Social Engagement

The University maintains an historic commitment to promoting social justice and the common good. Students graduate from Antioch University with a heightened sense of their power and purpose as scholars, practitioners, and global citizens.

Building and Serving Inclusive Communities

The University nurtures inclusive communities of learners, inspiring diversity of thought and action. Antioch University engages and supports the educational, cultural, and environmental vitality of the diverse regional, national, and international communities that it serves.