About AUS

A University for Visionaries

Antioch University is a trendsetter. Imagine an education with a rich, 160-year tradition of personal attention, innovation, and inclusiveness. Many alumni describe their experience as transformative. Why? Antioch University helps you attain the professional skills, knowledge, and personal growth to advance your career, community, and dreams.

Antioch University is a bold and enduring source of innovation in higher education, helping students around the world and across the country, online, and at its five campuses lead extraordinary lives. We share the following mission:

Antioch University provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.

Antioch University Seattle stands out among universities and colleges in Seattle for its progressive orientation and leadership for change. The 35-year-old campus serves approximately 900 students.

Whether you are pursuing graduate studies or completing your bachelor’s degree here at AUS, limited-size classes and strong support from dedicated, expert faculty will enhance your academic experience. Plus, with Antioch University Seattle’s flexible programs, you can tailor your education to fit your personal and professional goals.

Whether you visit us on campus or meet AUS community members at events, conferences, or working in the field, it quickly becomes clear: AUS transforms its students and empowers them to become leaders for positive change.